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The short, professional bio: 

Joelle knows how to get the media’s attention—and keep it. A storyteller at heart, she specializes in creating and promoting compelling angles and has gained national coverage for her clients including The Today Show, New York Post, Life & Style, In Touch, ForbesThe New York TimesMSNBCForbesReal Simple, Wall Street JournalMTV, SheKnows, Reader’s Digest and Southern Living.  Relationships are the foundation of her work and she credits much of her success to maintaining connections with the media and becoming united with her clients. During her diverse career, Joelle has led campaigns for clients in the lifestyle, authors, women’s interest, healthcare, entertainment, non-profit, green energy, life sciences and consumer product sectors. She’s been on both sides of the media and as a lifestyle writer has been published in outlets including Huffington Post. Her experience also includes developing social media influencer campaigns. Joelle also launched an Internet TV show for which she produced episodes with international superstars including 30 Seconds to Mars and secured celebrity judges for The Independent Music Awards. Her self-published book, Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s, has been featured on International Business Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Maclean’s, Glamour, Cosmo Middle East, The Globe and Mail and Dr. Oz’s

The personal bio:

My brain is always in publicist mode. No matter what I’m doing, if I see something I love, I want to tell the world about it. That’s why I became publicist. I’ve been doing it on my own since college, working for bands I met while publishing an indie music fan ‘zine/ producing an Internet TV show. Since then, I’ve been very social with media. I love making connections for others and seeing the results of my hard work once the coverage hits. A win for you is a win for me, too!

I’ve worked at agencies my whole life for clients I am assigned. And that’s cool. I’ve found the experience very rewarding. But there’s something special about working for a client that you hand-pick, can relate to or have a passion for. So I made this goal of mine a reality. I’ve always freelanced but decided it was time to put a name to my efforts once again.

Zine and Heard Public Relations was launched in December 2017 to fuel my passion for generating awareness of my favorite people and things. I aim to use my expertise from working at agencies to help the start-ups I believe in. Zine and Heard Public Relations has a mission to create roaring results through media outreach and social influencer relations for small businesses and media personalities from New Jersey and beyond.

My background in journalism gives me a competitive edge because I know how to write, sell and promote a story. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading. I hope we can learn more about each other.

Have a great day,

Joelle Speranza

Here’s the professional expertise you’re looking for:


PR EXPERIENCE: Consumer/lifestyle, healthcare, solar energy, authors, nonprofit, life sciences, music and entertainment industries. I have led both consumer-facing and thought-leadership campaigns on the local and national levels. I easily transition between all, whether I’m pitching a thought-leader byline or product for review. I also have experience working social media campaigns and securing influencers for social media campaigns from national CPG brands. Coverage includes MTV (Jersey Shore, Real World), Showtime, The New York Times, AOL Radio, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

MY BOOK: “Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s,”(November 2014) has been featured on International Business Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Maclean’s, Glamour, Cosmo Middle East, The Globe and Mail and Dr. Oz’s, to name a few.

TV PRODUCTION: I founded Planet Verge, a ‘zine that transitioned into an indie music and lifestyle website and Internet TV show, to report on “what’s hot and what’s important.” I produced episodes with international superstars (including 30 Seconds to Mars, Hanson, Butch Walker, David Garrett), stood whiskers away from endangered tigers and organized concerts to benefit shelter dogs.

FREELANCE WRITING: My articles have been published on Huffington Post , YourTango, The Nest, Teen People, Venus ‘Zine and in other media outlets.

MUSIC PR: I’ve handled publicity and booked celebrity judges for The Indpendent Music Awards. Through my own music PR firm, I have worked with Cash Cash, Val Emmich, the Matches, Scott and Aimee (feat. Scott Russo from legendary punk band Unwritten Law), Sohodolls and more.


MY CAUSES: Adopt rescue pets. Save the tigers.