Creating roaring results for dreamers and goal-getters.

The mission of Zine and Heard Public Relations is to create roaring results through media outreach and social influencer relations for clients from New Jersey and beyond.  Making your dream come true is our dream.

As you live the life you love, let Zine and Heard PR focus on telling everyone what you’re doing and why you deserve recognition. Zine and Heard PR champions the working mom (“mompreneuer”), the creative artists (actors, musicians, authors), the foodies (passionate restaurant owners), and those emerging brands that have the power to impact lives–if only they could get in front of their target consumers!

Do you have a holistic pet product to get in front of dog lovers?

Did you just invent the next greatest children’s toy?

Does your organic makeup company need to reach Millennials?

Seeking reviews for the new album or book you’re about to release?

Are brands reaching out to you on instagram and asking if you can post about their product?

Just get a call-back that you landed the role from your latest audition?


Let Zine and Heard PR take it from here. You’re in good, gold-manicured hands.

Zine and Heard PR is a one-woman PR show and takes pride in being a woman-owned business. Clients are selected on a basis of love– Zine and Heard PR only represents those we believe in and those feel we can generate exciting results. Our client roster is limited for that exact reason.

Think we’re a great match? Get in touch! Email zineandheardpr@gmail.com

(The tiger logo you see on our website was custom designed by artist Jessica Lynn Day. Save the tigers. Support local artists).

(Bonus love to you if you ever read ‘zines back in the day and catch the reference in this company’s name!)